Eva Jannotta, Founder, Simply Put Strategies

Eva Jannotta is a social media marketing entrepreneur and founded Simply Put Strategies in 2015. Her raison d’etre is to use social media to create and nurture relationships between brands and their fans by telling the brand story and featuring new products – with an emphasis on supporting sustainable clothing brands. 

Ideal Client: A company like www.tradlands.com!

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Christy Batta, Founder, Hey Batta Batta

My mission at Hey Batta Batta is to help clients make the right impressions on the right people. I believe design isn’t just about the typefaces and colors, but also creating a visual voice that people can recognize and trust. Hire me if you want someone as a partner on your team. I listen to your ideas so you feel heard and understood. Then we work together to create a design that supports your bigger vision.

Ideal Client: People and organizations using their talents to make a difference!

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Carrie Kolar, Founder, Bellinis on a Budget

Carrie Kolar has the energy of a happy sparkplug and a passion for the written word. Bad writing drives her nuts, and so does missed potential. She works with financial service providers to make sure that no matter where they are in their content journey, they have the tools they need to succeed.

Ideal Client: Those looking to live the good life on a budget!


Lauren Orsini, Founder, Otaku Journalist

I'm Lauren Orsini, a web developer, anime blogger, and ghost writer based on my Otaku Journalist website. My reporting has appeared on ReadWrite, CNN, Forbes, Kotaku, PBS, the Daily Dot, and numerous other outlets. I have written or contributed to several books, most recently Cosplay: The Fantasy World of Role Play. Development-wise, I specialize in WordPress theme building.

Ideal Client: I am in awe of people who proudly nurture their obsessions and I especially love working with passionate people, especially small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs with big dreams. 

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Liz Delgado-Steo, Real Estate Agent, Jason Martin Group

As a native Washingtonian, Liz Delgado-Steo brings her boundless energy and enthusiasm to clients who are also looking to make the D.C. area their home.  Her passion for helping clients find the right home is guided by a deep commitment to ethics and integrity. Liz’s local expertise, ability to quickly establish relationships and steadfast commitment to her clients make her a real estate agent that is both highly engaging and highly professional.

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