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Let's Talk About... Failure

Let's Talk About... Failure.jpg

We've all heard the inspiring stories of entrepreneurship - 20-something millionaires, hockey stick growth, overnight success, building an empire. The story has been told so many times, we feel like we already know it.

This event is not about ANY of that.

Let's talk about failure. Let's talk about what happens when things go wrong. Let's talk about the great ideas that flop. Let's get together and talk about the real, hard struggles of our entrepreneurship, side hustles, career trajectories, and the paths that didn't take us where we thought they would.

Join us for an honest panel discussion and networking event on failure on Thursday, April 12th, 6-8pm. We're going to get real about what happens when we fail.

You won't want to miss it! Panelists will be announced soon.