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Creating an Effective Social Media Campaign w/ Rebecca Teaff

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Summary of Lunch and Learn:

This session will discuss how social media plays a role in today’s world and how to use it effectively. Topics we will cover during this session:

Brief overview of social media channels.

Demographics for each social media channel

How to pick the channel that is right for you.

How to create relevant content on a consistent basis.

About our Presenter

Rebecca Teaff received her B.A. in Arts/Communications from Mary Baldwin College. The combined studies of design, marketing, and communications are the basis of her belief that design is a natural method of communication. Great design not only looks good, but it clearly communicates to its audience.

In early 2009 Rebecca saw a great need among small businesses and non-profits to work with an experienced design company who understood their budget constraints. After asking the question, “Who could they work with?” she decided it would be her and she launched Redstart Creative later that year.

Rebecca founded her graphic design and marketing company with the mission of creating clear communications for those who drive positive change in the world. (These are the people who make good things happen!)

Rebecca has a passion for good causes that matches her passion for design. Rebecca and her team create strategic solutions in print and electronic media for non-profits and small businesses.